My creation feeds on the emotion which emanates from small objects that have been used.

They are saved, rediscovered and preserved .

In them, I reencounter the essence of beings and of lost moments. Their potency to engender remains intact.


I chose porcelain to safeguard and catalogue them so that they are not lost and therefore continue to tell their story.


Another  cycle is born when these fragments are reorganized in different assemblages, small series or installations.

At the start of the reflection, all combinations and variations are possible and then, I look to consolidate the idea. Movements, gestures, the search for the infinite motive and the invasion of the space, are all repeated endlessly. It is a meditation.

This method of work is slow and introspective, the spectator is mindful of his own sense of history and his own passage through time.


I appreciate the simplicity of this small peaces, their derisory, fragile and obsolete nature.